Our 1st Intentional Community

Lakebay(the marina) crumbled fast; the owner ended up being psychotic (and he rents to RV’s and skoolies heads up to future Lakebay residents).

  • Tip: Narcissists are only convienent (for lack of a better word) as a friend when you do not expect much from them. And narcissists make great storytellers but shitty friends. You will know a narcissist by the utter lack of care or knowing of who you are as a person; and they will delegate what is good for you- very controlling.

There are many narcissists on the road but not all are one;) We were traveling with someone who ended up being very full of themselves. (Different blog on sharing a tiny space with multiple people).

The new roommate and our bus traveled up to Bellingham, WA; where we had a contact from Craigslist(also on the woofer website).

Our first “commune” or intentional community was where we met amazing people and left with a lot learned of the nomadic lifestyle.

  • Craigslist can be your greatest asset (also food coops), make sure you have a great radar of people.
  • Intentional communities only work when everyone is “intentional” and on the same page.
  • Wwoofing is a great resource for learning new skills- and short term stays- unless you really sync personality wise. And you would be surprised how hard it is to find a kindred soul.

The intentional community we had joined was an conglomeration of souls with a nomadic thirst. The owner joined us to help her in her journey of making the property into community space. This alas was not possible because the person running it projected anxiety and there own demons.

We shared this space for 2.5 months; taking out blackberries (there resilient) and hemlock(poisonous).

Lessons learned

I’d like to say I learned new skills here but what I actually came to learn was the ability to be open to change and the magic of LIFE. I was shown the all embracing comfort of feeling connected to everyone at once and the warmth of love that radiates from the universe.

I came to a resolution of how I saw myself and accepting that I can be mother to many while also being a seductress of self.

I have given up much to recieve much. I learned that energy well spent will be returned to you more positively than any amount of money or things could ever benefit me.

I saw fairies and witches and wonder and negativity all in one trip. But i will most remember that moment I surrendered to just being and the Universe APPLAUDED back.


Carried away

My new home for the summer… How may you ask I got it? It’s a secret in the tiny ļøhome community;) you have jump two feet forward and never look back. Moments can be frightening! Not knowing where you will park what has become your home is unsettling. 

But peeps it’s adventure at its finest! I don’t have all the answers I found out this far;) but I have found you can B.S, charm and basically fart your way out or into any situation. 

Not saying I am a master manipulator – I am honest and kind and when you travel everyone picks up on it. But you must have tenacity and boundaries lots of them to make it. You have to stand back and say I need alone time. I need to go for a walk. I need to meditate. 

I lost my cool a lot on this round of moving our home. I found out I have an anxiety disorder; which is a funny thing to find out about yourself now after living this risky of a lifestyle thus far:) I move forward though. I stop and look around and see that I am exactly where I want to be. 

Washington is beautiful! I love where we have gotten ourselves into. Working on the bus and getting jobs and getting to know people is my favorite part about getting to know a new place. 

I love taking a walk in my new surroundings. So many people live so differently than what I am used to. And yet everything seems so familiar. 

I’m carried away by my dreams daily. But I love where they take me. I plan on acting on everyone of them. Thankful to be breathing another day.


Las cruces, NM : our first destination

Don’t ask me why we chose Las Cruces…

ABQ was our first choice; but New Mexico as a whole is a rough place. 

Our friend who lived in ABQ and Tuscon said “The desert is a place to visit not to live. But you can say you lived and survived it.” 


This was our yard

This sounds extreme but I’ve never been harassed as much as I have down here. Felt the most unsafe down here and I’m one that makes it a goal to hang in the “ghetto” of every city I visit. Because let’s be real the “ghetto” is where it’s at. 

We parked and lived at the Coachlight Motel and Inn for three months. If you stay an extended amount of time do not park behind the motel! 


It totally snowed! Melted within two days:)

At first my optimism won out and the empty feeling in my pocket. Yeah they make big enough pockets for ladies now; we can hold our own cash! šŸ˜‰ 

We checked out nature. Not much besides mountains. Pretty but a huge missile base on bottom so heavily regulated. A homeless man was shot there recently. He ran because they smoked him out…


The organ mountains

Maybe they thought he was a serial killer. There’s an abundant amount down here. A famous one who tortured and drugged a lot of young women and buried them somewhere in this lake. 


Elephante butte, NM

He was caught no worries; but there’s also an large amount of women led crime too. Which I want to say right on! But crime down here is rarely petty. Always has something to do with death or guns. 


Dumpster fire

This happened on our lot. I guess dumpster fires are common…

I had a theory that all this is Wild West mentality. All the older people claim some relation to billy the kid; who hid in the organ mountains. 

But I think it’s isolation. And that scares me that an island of sane people would turn into madness. Read lord of the flies and factor women in. I want to have hope in humanity or Las Cruces.

But when you quit a job because the manager is sexually harassing minors; women in rehab and a using his position I get mad! Side- note I turned him in and other women fought back and he was fired. 

There is good people! Bob at toucan market where Tyler worked. Hymie at Coachlight Motel and Inn. Shane who did some of our raddest bus art. 

All fought for us. But it wasn’t enough. I miss trees. I miss people I can interact with and not talk about how drunk I was over the weekend. Mind you most were under-age and drive drunk. Be careful on those roads! 

Honestly the drug problems and border were less scary to me; maybe because you expect that. It was the white  people who were scary and annoying. 

When I got felt up at Walmart- old white dudes

Harassed on the street – white dudes

Mocked- white women

See a pattern? I will close on a positive note about las cruces; a mountain town with a mall – 

They know how to treat homeless people in town( minus the person shot in the mountians). I saw multiple times people bringing food , standing up and offering a place to stay for homeless people. 

Favorite place in town: The Bean- this is the oasis. 

They don’t call it The Land of entrapment  for nothing. 


Still pushing: building a tiny home while living in it

I have a lot to say to the folks who can build a tiny home while living in another. But all I will say is good for you! It takes a lot to not be should I say it; jealous? 

Making our baby; (because it feels like an on-going process may take 18 years or more; our bus is so needy! )was and is probably the hardest and most liberating thing I have done with my life. College: was hard but you got breaks! And also didn’t have to pay loans yet! Working: I’m a hard worker; and I enjoyed getting to go home and stuffing my face with pizza at the end of a long day. Marriage: ok this may be just as hard…

My point being we chose this lifestyle because it made the most sense. People ask all the time; “what about your future?” And I say what about it? None of us know what the future holds- believe me it’s a saying;) and I choose to live my life instead of being behind a desk and working my ass off to pay tons of bills and not get to enjoy what I have earned.  


This is me busting my ass off for my bus! 

Park attendant at state parks is the best!

I literally was not behind a desk I was cooking, which I fucking love to do! But the living situation of having to pay all this money and always be in debt was bumming me out! So we decided to minimize cut out things we didn’t need. And realized we only use two rooms in our duplex we were living in. And we saved up to go on bad ass adventures all the time. 


This being one- superior hiking trail! And where we decided a bus is where we shall live!

It’s extremely hard making the leap into living in a moving vehicle; Especially when you’ve never done it before. But I’m a mover; I love living in new places and having new jobs. Meeting people and learning a culture is something I love doing- being uncomfortable is what I strive for. 

And the bus made that possible for us. You get a lot of negativity- because it’s different! And also not as secure or stable as most options. But what really is secure? Everyday is a gamble if we’re being honest. 

I respect and admire all my fellow tiny home dwellers. Whether it be a lot nicer than mine or not. We will always compare as a human race. But we made the chose. We jumped. And that my friends makes all the difference:) 

Our new paint job!:) 


Bucket list: because everyone should have oneĀ 

inspired by the wonderful lady Dickson I am attempting the beginning of my bucket list forever changing and adding. 

Climb 5 tallest peaks in 5 different states

Peak one: a anti-climatic climb on the north shore brings you to the tallest peak

Peak two: harney peak 2012

See the aurora borealis

At this campsite it came true: it was as beautiful and magical as they say! – may 2015

Make a tiny house

Live in the desert


It was challenging and inspiring. A lot of creepy dudes but awesome scenery makes up for the wackos. It got lonely deserted. But moments of serenity peeped through 

Learn to surf

Swim in every ocean 

Not an ocean but the Dead Sea! 


Another sea but mermaids were seen here


Pacific Ocean Hawaii – no surfing was had only if you include wave surfing 

Bungee off anything

Zip line in South America 

Cliff dive 

Visit any and every hot spring I can 

Here’s me in one at truth and consequences, NM

Also tried looking for radium springs do not try looking for them – scary place and the hot springs are polluted making everyone scarier!

Get a dog

Work at a vineyard 

Work at a National park

Own land 

Snowboard on a mountain

Mardi Gras in New Orleans 

Stay in Brooklyn for a month

Stand up comedy on the regular

Live off grid wwofing it

Run a 5k 

Run a marathon 

Run a half marathon

Super fun pictures of me before running and after:) 

Run a marathon on a trail

Backpack for a week

Superior hiking trail 2015 

See a whale 

See a mermaid

Learn Spanish fluently 

Open my own food truck

Sing in a band 

Learn to play the mandolin 

Write for pay

Go to a nudist beach

Swim up the pacific coast in increments 

Hike the pacific crest trail

Appalachian trail

Visit my uncle in the keys 

Live in New Orleans for a while

Live in South America for a year 

Live in Washington

Live in Oregon

Get married 

Oh yeah I get to touch this guys butt for the next 5 years!

Be married 5 years 

Get 5 tattoos 

Learn farming 

Accomplished a bad ass garden!

Learn how to digeridoo

Learn how to tap dance 

Dance the night away 

Celebrate the new moon 

Learn to say yes to every opportunity and adventure! 

Lady rights in the restaurant industry

all women who have worked in the restaurant industry has a story. Of how some man harassed them. Whether it was explicit or subtle; men in power around food whip there dicks out(literally and figuratively). 

Not sure if it’s the food that has there juices going; or the fact they feel comfortable to say things such as:

“I just got a vesyctomy so I can screw anyone and not get them pregnant; any takers?” 

“Your so pretty! Damn I can’t stop looking at you!” – when you are trying to be taken seriously and this attention is unwelcome this is not a compliment folks. 

“After work can I eat you out your husband doesn’t need to know”

Words spoken that make me think most men are capable of being total shitheads. But then I stop reflect and know that a majority are not like this. But the assholes always stick out which is good that means that it is becoming not the norm.

But it is a serious problem. And I want to address the females who are out in this situation. 

Speak out! Even if your alone. Someone else has been harassed by this man and he needs to be turned in. I know keeping civility in the workforce is important. But ladies you are more important! Way more than everyone feeling ok. 

And your not alone everyone is probably thinking the same thing as you. I have an encouraging story! 

I had been working at a restaurant for only a month and knew my manager was a predator. He was taking advantage of the women who worked there that were from the halfway house. He basically called them pieces of shit but then gave them a chance to redeem themselves… Show him there tattoos in the cooler. The women put him in his place but one was very shooken up about it. As they should the cooler has no cameras and who knows what he wanted or would do. 

I called him in. And within doing that I quit.  I couldn’t work at a place where this was happening. I felt that I had abandoned my coworkers. But I’ve been working in this industry for the last 8 years and I have put up with this behavior. It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t stop. 

I even pull out backhanded comedy to try and lighten the wrongness of it. But you can only tell dudes so many times there dicks are shriveled cucumbers before you say that’s enough. I’m tired of talking about your dicks. Let’s talk about vaginas. And not about dicks going into them but how my body bearing a vagina is going to kick your ass. 

Anyways I got a call back. Which I never thought would happen. And they told me he had been fired! Justice! But the sad reality is I was surprised. I never thought that would have been the outcome. And that is why I keep fighting. And instead of growing balls I attend my fierce vagina I have already grown. And learn ever so slowly to rule the world!šŸ˜‹ 


Yeah I’m close!

T or C versus Las CrucesĀ 

As we traveled south of ABQ we felt only frustration. ABQ was our goal now what? I had done some research on Las Cruces it was a college town and was somewhat good sized.  And there are RV sites.

We stayed the night at a rest stop and drank lots of brandy and came to a decision. Las Cruces for two weeks and if we didn’t like it we would go to Tuscon where some friends were. 


Our rest stop for the night 

Entering Las Cruces is a slight relief after driving in the desert for a day. It is labeled as New Mexicos destination city. With the the Organ MTNS and White Sands looming over the city. 

We parked at the coachlight inn and rv and decided to stay. The next two weeks was all about job hunting and restocking on goods.

Never would I have expected what was to come. The desert is strange, beautiful, hypnotizing and very lonely.  All things that we’ve been discovering over the course of our 6 month stay here.


Our dwelling for the next 6 months

T or C versus Las Cruces is what the article is titled. I’ll pay homage. We spent one night in Elephant Butte right next to T or C and to sum it up; its a small town. A small artists community and some cute shops dot the Main Street. But very strange; I’ll write of our adventures here later. Our friend brings us back and it is interesting… And spooky. 

Making it to ABQ, NM: That’s what’s up!

Entering ABQ you go through the Sandia Mountains. And you can’t help but fall in love with them. We had just got done driving through the Texas panhandle all night and there literally is nothing. No gas stations; and everything is closed and abandoned. 

My grandma and aunt and uncle lived in ABQ back in the 80’s ( a much different place then.) this was pre- Breaking Bad: which is a very accurate portrayal of NM. 


Where they taped part of Breaking Bad

Our first night was in a RV park right outside of town off of old Route 66. Which is not an actual road in spots so if your taking that road research where it stops;) 


A planned parenthood in ABQ – I got excited:) 

 Our second night was in the Sandia Mountains. This campground was really pretty and rustic. Unfortanetly they were taping a reality show when we were there. We were trying to have a sunset walk and they kept positioning us to not be in the frame. My husband told them to F off we spent good money to stay there. Anyways we worked around them; and were super annoyed by the reality tv industry. 





We decided against staying in ABQ. It was cool to visit. It was going to be a little too cold and we wanted to be near nature and jobs. Our next destination was Truth or Consequences.  

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